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The best traditional fillings for the best homemade breads


We love eating traditional food and we want you to enjoy it as we do. With our slow cooking casseroles, time and the best ingredients, we offer you the great treasures of traditional cuisine in a more modern concept as it is sandwich.


Despite we are a fast food restaurant we will make our best efforts to treat you as if you where at home. We offer traditional cuisine in an informal and modern experience.


Meat, fish and veggies, slow-cooked, with the best handmade breads. We care about what and this is why we cook in our kitchen all the stews, roasts and others, and we use Josep Balta’s breads, a well-known baker from Barcelona

(The main characters in our menu)

At Pockets we take care of all the details to offer you a memorable experience.


Pollastre amb samfaina

“CATALAN-BBQ” pork knuckle
 with blue cheese
Green asparagus chicken
Beef cheeks
in red wine

Bikinet truffled
Mallorca is funky!
Special of the month



Llonguet: tender inside and crunchy crust
Tender: Tender and soft bun
Crystal bread: catalan and crunchy
Special: soft bun with tomato

Sides & Tapas.


Salads & Vegetable soups
Olives and crisps

“Escabeche” mussels
from Galicia

‘Patatas bravas’
Galician tuna filets con pa de vidre
Homemade hummus
Piquillos filled with cod fish


Aug 2017
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(Pockets) pose for the photo

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Jun 2017
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La nova amanida especial

June 29, 2017 Carta, Uncategorized

Cada mes aproximadament anem canviant la nostra amanida especial, et presentem la nova: Enciam Tomàquet sec Formatge…Read More

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Cambio de carta

June 29, 2017 Carta, Uncategorized

Tras varios meses dándole vueltas hemos considerado que lo mejor era hacer unos ajustes en la carta.…Read More

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Pa de vidre

June 1, 2017 Uncategorized

Dedicamos mucho tiempo a la cocina, a los fondos, a la selección del producto, pasamos unas cuantas horas…Read More

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